Keva Man Charge Softgels (30 Softgels)

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Keva Man Charge is the daily health support and a comprehensive daily nutritional supplement for men. It is a unique combination of essentials that play a vital role in energy metabolism and moreover, these are essential for proper nerve and muscle function and revitalizing the body. Its herbal extract helps in improving focus, concentration and alertness.

This super formula is a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement with lutein, lycopene and green tea extract. It contains 32 essential nutrients, 12 minerals 13 vitamins 4 botanical and 3 amino acids to help meet the daily nutritional needs of men, to keep them fit and healthy through balanced nutrition.

Keva Man Charge is a daily health supplement to help meet daily needs of Vitamins and Minerals. It helps to fill dietary gaps. It is customized for men and has nutrients to help support muscle function as well as the heart, brain and eyes. As men age, it becomes more important to get adequate amounts of minerals and vitamins to help maintain muscle health.

Keva Man Charge is personalized for men to feed their cells and help them support muscle function, energy, immunity and metabolism.


·         Energy level- Helps to maintain energy level

·         Immunity level- Helps to boost immunity level

·         Metabolism- Increases metabolism

·         Muscle function- Improves muscle function of the body

Take 1 Softgel daily after meal or as directed by the dietician.
Uniherbs India Softgels Keva Man Charge Softgels (30 Softgels)Uniherbs India Softgels Keva Man Charge Softgels (30 Softgels)Uniherbs India Softgels Keva Man Charge Softgels (30 Softgels)